Throwback Thursday: 1900s postcard depicting Harpenden fox hunt meet-up

PUBLISHED: 15:00 16 August 2018

Harpenden Hunt postcard. Picture: John Cooper

Harpenden Hunt postcard. Picture: John Cooper


Harpenden has always been beautiful but there are some traditional practices which were customary in the past that would be unacceptable in the 21st Century.

Our Throwback Thursday highlight aims to show just how much the town has changed and evolved over time, using old pictures of what it used to be like.

This is a postcard of a fox hunt congregating on Harpenden Common in the early 1900s, with hounds from a kennel at Kinsbourne Green ready to pick up the sent of an unlucky animal.

Hunting foxes in this way was outlawed in 2004 by a labour Government, and although current PM Theresa May briefly floated the idea of voting to reinstate the practice, this never happened and it is still illegal.

John Cooper is an author who pens pictorial history books about Harpenden - he has written A postcard from Harpenden, Harpenden Through Time, and Harpenden: The Postcard Collection.

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