Roundwood Park celebrates success at Sportspersons’ Dinner

PUBLISHED: 11:00 17 December 2018

Roundwood Park School Sportspersons' Dinner.

Roundwood Park School Sportspersons' Dinner.


Roundwood Park School has celebrated the success of its pupils at this year’s Sportspersons’ Dinner 2018.

Head of the PE department, Matthew Hunter also made a speech at the dinner, saying: “By being in this room, you are part of a fairly sizable school sport machine which seems to grow and improve year on year.

“As aspiration grows, so too does potential and as more and more of you recognise the link between hard work and success, we, as a school, grow and improve.

“Many of you will know that you attend a school with some half decent sporting role models in its alumni: Will Kearsey is currently breaking college swimming records in the USA, Tats Dowie is continuing her long and illustrious football career in Australia; Sarah McKenna gains cap after cap for England’s women’s rugby team; and in this district alone we have three ex students teaching PE.

“Role models are key. They remind us of what can be achieved. They give us inspiration in the knowledge that people who started their life in a similar way to us, have gone on to really maximise their potential and be the very best that they can be.

“We’re lucky enough to be joined, this evening, by another Roundwood Park role model.

“Ralph Adams-Hale left our sixth form three years ago, and since then he has worked his way through the Saracens system and this Saturday just gone, made his full debut in the Gallagher Premiership.

“A hugely proud moment for him, his family, all those who know him well and for some secondary school PE teachers who have tracked his career to date with interest.

“We’ll hear from Ralph later, but for now, I’d simply like us to offer him a very warm welcome back to RPS.

“Now we are not here tonight to simply celebrate those with the chance to become the next Ralph.

“We are here tonight to recognise and celebrate the achievements of many at all levels.

“Whether you aspire to be a professional, play better club sport, represent your school more regularly, or simply play just for fun – the key feature of our celebration tonight is recognising the role that people play in the success of our school sport at all levels.

“This time last year, I stood here and referenced the building of a new astro-turf.

“As a school, we’re already benefitting from it.

“For some years now we’ve benefitted from a new sports hall, dance studio and fitness suite.

“Now, all this facility development is a true sign that Roundwood Park values PE and sport and is prepared to invest some of its limited educational resources in your sports enjoyment and development.

“What’s pleased me the most in the last year though, is the way that the school, as a whole, has continued to embrace opportunities presented.

“Team training numbers are up. Thirst for house competition has grown. Sporting success has increased. Engagement with examination PE has continued to be high, and overall, day by day, we’ve been able to come to work knowing that our passion and efforts are reciprocated by the fantastic students that we have the privilege to work with.

“So, as we go through this evening’s festivities. I would invite you to enjoy spending time with those around you, of all ages.

“Embrace the success of others and understand why what they bring to the table is so appreciated.

“Reflect on all you achieved last year and be proud to be part of a school that isn’t afraid of hard work – because we know that the success at the end of it, is worth all the blood, sweat and tears.

“Most importantly though, once we’ve finished looking back tonight, start looking forward again.

“How can you push forward and how can you be the very best you can, in the sporting year that is to come?”

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