How we can all Enjoy Harpenden More...

PUBLISHED: 08:15 24 July 2018 | UPDATED: 08:40 24 July 2018

Welcome to Enjoy Harpenden More. Picture: DANNY LOO

Welcome to Enjoy Harpenden More. Picture: DANNY LOO

©2018 Danny Loo Photography - all rights reserved

We want to engage with you, the residents of Harpenden, and share your stories about the town.

Enjoy Harpenden More - that’s the challenge we’re making to the community of our thriving town as we launch an exciting new celebration of all that’s great about Harpenden.

Through this new dedicated website we will be training our microscope on one of Hertfordshire’s gems, joining forces with residents to showcase its history and highlights.

This site will work alongside our Enjoy Harpenden More Facebook group, set up earlier this year and already buzzing with discussion.

We want to shine a light on the best of its town, including its hidden treasures, places to eat, the characters who make the town tick, its past, present and future, quirky facts and stats, plus a huge serving of nostalgia.

So why are we doing it? The honest answer is that we are trying something new: giving our full attention to one community to see if it makes a difference to how we engage with our audience.

The world of news has changed and is continuing to change. In the past, journalists found stories, put them in newspapers and knew that there was a guaranteed audience.

Nowadays, while print remains vital to us and you, it is just one of countless ways that we find out about our communities.

So we arrive at Enjoy Harpenden More, which aims to explore those ways and find out what works best - how you want to talk to us and how we can improve how we listen.

So why Harpenden? While we value every community equally, and our ambition is to improve our coverage and engagement with them all, we have to start somewhere.

Harpenden has the history, profile and community spirit to be that place. It all starts here, and we’re excited about the possibilities.

But it all depends on you, so please talk to us, tell us what you think and share your stories. Enjoy Harpenden More is as much for you as it is for us.

If you want to get in touch with us, email enjoyharpendenmore@archant.co.uk or use the Facebook page.

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